Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I just finished reading what is probably my favourite book series at this point, starting with “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’. The book was insanely successful, selling over a million copies worldwide and making it to the top seller list for 5 consecutive years starting in 2006. They even made a feature film about the book in 2009 which absolutely flopped and was considered one of the worst films of the year( and this was a year that had Old Dogs and The Ugly Truth). A second book was then released to counter the negative reception of the film entitled “Assholes Finish First” which never realized the potential set by the first book but was successful in its own right.


Success of the Series

While the second and third books came out to moderate success, it was the first book that really brought Tucker Max onto the map. ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ was a New York Times bestseller, a considerable feat for a book comprised of drinking to excess, insulting other people and some rather embarrassing (and sometimes disgusting) sexual encounters. Some stories that were included in the book were previously published on Tucker Max’s website that he used for half a decade to chronicle his sexual and drunken exploits before being persuaded to put them on paper. Max is considered one of the founding fathers of a new type of literature, Fratire, which is characterized by overtly masculine themes and is seen as the male equivalent of female romance novels. If you have not read any of these books then check them out at your local library, or better yet go onto the website and read some stories first.Let me know your thoughts below, and have a great one everybody.


Tucker Max