If there’s one thing that summer means, it’s festival.  Listening to music in the middle of a field in god knows where, come rain or shine or probably rain, drinking beers and cider and eating junk food.  Could anything be better? Well actually it could. Leave good ol’ England and go to one of these amazing festivals slightly further afield.



BOOM Festival

Every 2 years, BOOM festival celebrates the full moon by throwing a crazy party next to a Lake in Portugal.  Focus is on experiencing an alternate reality.  All different types of music are played, although expect to hear more EDM and electronic than anything else.  As well as talks, movies and meditation.  

Boom Festival, Portugal


Meadows in the Mountains

In the middle of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, this festival is all about the wilderness.  Think beautiful and interesting fauna and flora as well as various art works and installations and film work. The best part might just be the after party held in a pool the day after the festival.



Electric Forest

The electric forest in the middle of Michigan is one of the most beautiful settings to hold a festival.  This dense forest is lit up at night with neon lights which create an etheral, otherworld look and bring this festival into another realm.  Rather than music the main emphasis at this festival is art, and the natural landscape and trees lend themselves to creating great installation areas.


Costa Rica


Set in the lush green rainforest in Uvita, Costa Rica against the backdrop of beaches, this festival is filled with nature. Spirituality is the main course with yoga, dance, music and art performances filling the stages.