How to prepare your Garden for this Year

Hello everyone. I hope you are well. I would like to welcome you back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I guess you all know that I love gardening. By now the days are getting longer and during the night time the temperatures mostly remain above the freezing point. So this is the perfect time to prepare your garden and get ready for this season. After the winter the garden needs a special treatment. And if you follow my tips and tricks, you won't miss a thing. In the end good preparation pays off and it helps to blossom your garden anew.

Get your Tools ready

All tools and machines must be ready for use. Anyone who didn't look after them during the autumn or winter has to do it now. The spade and all the scissors must be cleaned, oiled and sharpened. Additionally, all other garden utensils, such as trellis, pots and planters as well as the bed, must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for their use in spring.

Gardening Tools

Motor-powered machines, such as lawn mowers or the electric hedge trimmers, should be thoroughly checked before their first use. Properly stowed, most of these gardening tools can easily endure the winter without any problems. Nevertheless, after the long winter break, you should check whether all devices still operate properly. Are the engines running smoothly? All functions of the devices should be tried once.

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Check Connections and Pipes

Water connections and pipes in the garden are often set off in the winter. Before the first use in spring they should be checked and washed well. The fresh water removes possible germs from the pipes. And the test shows whether there has been damage to the connections due to frost and rust. Garden owners can easily recognize this when they keep an eye on the water meter. If this continues to spin despite the closed tap, there probably is a leak somewhere.

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A Cure for Meadow

Once you did all the basic preparations, it is time to get ready to work. The pride of almost every garden owner is a beautiful, full and rich green lawn. But it requires a lot of hard work. And after the winter time, you have to take care about your lawn in order to achieve this goal.

Gardening Green Lawn

If any leaves were left on the lawn in winter, they must be removed now. Otherwise the lawn will be poorly ventilated, which can lead to diseases and fungi. You should also repair any visible gaps in the lawn, for example bare or mossy spots. And don't forget to lime or chalk your lawn. Furthermore, when the frost is over and the lawn has grown more than five centimetres, it is about time to cut it fr the first time. This is followed by the first classical lawn fertilization.

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