Play Paintball Like a Pro

Hey everyone, welcome back to my amazing hobbies and leisure blog. I just came back from one of the best paintball matches of my entire life. I went out at the crack of dawn today with my best gear and played until we could no longer see each other. Paintball is usually a pretty expensive hobby which is why I bought all of my gear used from which saved me so much money. Of course, this money was spent on paintballs but hey it's a fun hobby so why not? I have been trying to be more professional when I am playing and not look like that guy whose mom dropped him off, and the following gear has helped me out tremendously in not only looking good, but playing good too. 

bravo elite paintball gun

Pods and a Belt

One of the first things you need if you want to look the part when playing paintball is pods to carry extra paintballs. Your typical hopper can hold about 100-200 paintballs which can easily be shot in the first half of a capture the flag match. Just like having an extra backpack in Fallout 4 can help fend off the raiders, having a couple extra pods can help you fend off the attackers from your flag for those crucial extra seconds. If you have extra pods you will need a way to carry them, and I personally prefer a paintball belt to help with that. I bought a really good used one from that is stretchy so it doesn’t break and the pods slide in and out easily. 

paintball pods and belt

Tank and a Cover

If you don’t want to be stepping off the field every match to fill your tank up, then you need a tank that can hold a lot of air. The best tanks on the market right now are made of mostly fiberglass(like the one I have from Ansgear) and fiberglass is a fairly delicate material. To help with this, you need to have a cover on your tank to protect it from obstacles, the ground and of course, paintballs. I found a neoprene cover for my tank on that I used today and it worked perfect, plus my girlfriend was able to wash the paint out without much effort. 

Automatic Hopper

Like with cocktail making, paintball is about speed. Even if you have an automatic trigger so you can let those paintballs fly, sometimes they can get stuck coming out of the hopper which can really slow you down, and if it happens at the wrong time can send you off the field. For this reason one of the first upgrade I got when I started getting into paintball was an automatic hopper, which has a fan in the bottom to help push the paintballs into the chamber of the gun faster. After buying my auto hopper, I have yet to be in that situation where I end up getting shot because I didn’t have a paintball in the chamber, unless I was out of paint.   

auto hopper