Hey enthusiastic people, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. A friend of mine in town is holding a tournament at his paintball field, and it got me thinking of it. I thought it would be great to participate but unfortunately I learnt about it too late. That just means that I have more time to prepare for the next one, and maybe even help influence the tournament structure. You see, depending on how many players are on a team the rules will change slightly, even in the same game type. Here are some variations of paintball tournaments used in professional matches around the world.

4-on-4 and up

The games are generally the most exciting, and sometimes also the shortest. Tournament that play with larger number of people generally use a unique scoring structure. In this you are awarded team points for the number of opponents that your team hits, points for any objectives if playing an objective game(like grabbing and hanging the flag in capture the flag) and finally points for the amount of players you have left. Teams will play everyone in a round robin and the teams with the highest point totals continue into the tournament bracket.


2 on 2 games; or Team Doubles as I like to call them; are very much about teamwork. However unlike most other sports/games that have only two player teams it is not just a matter of who is down to one first. Team double matches are usually comprised solely of elimination style games, some using the same system of awarding points for having players left which means that sweeping the other team can put you in the lead very early on.

 Paintball tournament