Old School Console 

Hi there everybody, and a warm welcoming to my hobbies and leisure blog. I have been searching for a used Sega Genesis 16-bit console and finally found one online after months and months of searching. I already have the Sonic’s Ultimate Game Collection for my Xbox 360, but I really wanted to experience these games in their original environment, how they were meant to be played. I was lucky when looking online and found someone selling the console with a lot of 50 games, so I have been able to compare and contrast the different levels of game development that happened during this era. With not as much money being made and the consoles themselves only just emerging, it was a lot more common to see a game that was terrible than one that was good, much more so than today. That’s why I have compiled the list of some of the best games I have played on my Sega Genesis 16-bit console. The rules are only one game per series, and that's about it. And awaaaaaay we go!

 Mega Drive, 16-Bit

Sega Genesis 16 bit

Golden Axe

    Golden Axe is the only game that I have bought on four different consoles, and one my Xbox 360 I bought 3 versions of it. I bought the arcade version for $6, the sequel for $15 and the original version on the previously mentioned Sonic’s Ultimate Game Collection. This was even the first game I bought for the Genesis, simply because I could use it on the Replica Genesis Console that I got for christmas. Golden Axe marked a first in side scrolling, thug beating, spell casting action that instantly became a staple genre in the early video game market. The game has three playable character(all available without paying for DLC) that all have unique weapons, attacks, and magical abilities. You can even have all three characters if you play with friends. You get to fight through hordes of creatures to eventually fight death himself, and if you can make it far enough you even get to ride a dragon that puts yoshi in his place for good.


Golden Axe


    Boom Shaka Laka! I have fond memories of playing NBA JAM at the local youth centre before mom got home from work. It’s such a simple game, two buttons to shoot and pass, shove, block, call for the ball and persuade your teammate to pass all depending on the situation. It’s only a 2 on 2 game, which might seem a little too simple for a basketball game with NBA licensing, but it all comes together to make up best basketball game I have even played. Add in the witty commentating and the awesome feeling you get for being On Fire(three baskets in a row without missing or the other team scoring) and becoming God-like. The first good sports game, and one I still play to this day.

 Basket ball game


EarthWorm Jim

    It’s hard to find a funny game that isn't about someone named Larry trying to sleep with gorgeous women. Finding a funny game not about Mr. Leisure that's also fun to play is very, very hard. Earthworm Jim however holds the distinction of being on the top of the list of those game. Combining a witty atmosphere with over the top visual comedy and some very ingenious writing with just all the craziness this game throws at you can only lead to something good, and that's what happened. Earthworm Jim is a masterpiece if only for the fact that you never know what will happen next. You go from typical platforming to racing a psychotic cow through the Cosmos and then all of a sudden you are pleading with a puppy for him to not shred you to pieces. And the whole time it felt genuine. There was no gimmicky feel to the game at all, every scene felt like it had to be there. It is still the best platformer today(that has a worm in a spacesuit as the main character)


Sonic The Hedgehog Series

    Now I know I said only one game from each series and I am including this as the entire series, but I hope you can understand as Sonic the hedgehog is Sega. Without Sonic bursting onto the scene like he did, Sega would have never made it as a game company. Seeing how their consoles started to fade away in the mid 90’s, I would bet that Sonic has actually saved this company from bankrupting, probably more than once. I know you don’t see a picture of the CEO on the side of the Sega building in London, you see Sonic. That's all I need to say about Sonic the Hedgehog. I mean there is cocktail making in some of the later games but those are for gamecube and later consoles, not the Genesis. Have a great week everybody.