One of my favourite things about winter is the flames from the fireplace dancing across the room. It always feels such a shame when it comes to spring and its time to retire the fireplace, and to move the logs back outside.  I always like to have candles throughout the year so that I get a mini fireplace year round. Unfortunately good candles are very expensive and burn out very quickly, which is why I recommend making your own.


Candle Making.

Making your own candles is relatively inexpensive. To start you will only require a few supplies and tools.

candle making


When creating candles the first thing you will have to think about is the type of wax you purchase.  There are 3 common options, and many others.


The most popular ingredient in candles sold today, and for the past hundreds of years. Paraffin is a traditional wax that is cheap and easy to work with; accepting colours as well as scents at ease. However one major concern is that paraffin is potentially very toxic. If you prefer to use all natural ingredients then paraffin might not be the best choice for you.

Look to pay around $2-$10 per lb


Health conscious? Then look no further. Soy was created in the 90’s as an alternative to the cheaper unnatural, and expensive natural products. Generally it is made out of soybean oil, although it can be mixed with other waxes including paraffin. Soy blends wel with colours and scents.

Look to pay around $2-$10 per lb.


Candles made out of beeswax have been around for thousands of years. This makes it the oldest form of wax used in candles. Beeswax is a byproduct of bees creating honey, which makes it a completely natural product.  It has a natural golden shade, and a sweet honey scent.  Unfortunately it doesnt blend well with other scents due to the natural aroma.

Look to pay over $10 per lb


You will also need to purchase

  • Wicks

  • Fragrance Oils

  • Double Boiler

  • Candle containers

  • Thermometer

  • Spatula