Gaming Online

Welcome back to the forum everyone and it’s good to be back myself. Today I want to talk about me new found hobby, gaming. My little brother has been into gaming for many years anything from the Nintendo to computers and not forgetting the PlayStations and Xbox’s either. I had a little time off work and I went to visit my brother and he got me gaming with him. I did not realise these days you can game online with other people from all around the world and with your friends that are at their own homes, 21st Century is here!! I got addicted to GTA 5 online, I mean non-stop playing for hours and hours of mindless fun. It has to be the longest time me and my brother have spent together not trying to kill each other, we have a love hate relationship.

At first I could not see the appeal in sitting down with plastic in your hands all day and playing games. But I must admit when you sit down and give a game an hour of your time you will be surprised on how interesting they can be. Obviously not all games out there are for everyone, everyone has their own taste in what they want to play. There are many different types of games to choose from like Action, Crime, RPG, War and the list goes on, there is something for everyone. On GTA 5 the sky is the limit, you can literally do anything and add in your own modifications to make the game a little different. For example you could be a hulk or iron man for the day or maybe you want unlimited ammo and “GOD MODE” where you can’t die!!! Either way loads of fun and it never gets boring this is something you need in every game.

Online gaming