Fallout 4


Hey everyone, how’s everyone doing today? Welcome back to an exciting post for my hobbies and leisure blog, and I will keep with the theme I have been going with for a couple weeks and talk about video games.Thanks to my lovely girlfriend finding me a pre-owned fallout 4 game from a really good website, http://www.forsale.co.za/fallout-game. They had lots of copies when I checked, so get your there! SInce I go the game 6 days ago I have put in over 24 hours into the game, and plan to put in many many more in the coming weeks.

Fallout 4 logo



Fallout 4 starts differently than previous Fallout games in that you start before the bombs go off. Oh, right. If you have never played a FAllout game before, the entire basis of the series is that late in the 21st century mankind bombed the everloving hell out of each other and turned the world into a nuclear wasteland. So you start this game running out of your house with your wife and son in order to make it into a vault to survive the bombs. Seems like a good plan, until they put you and your family in cryogenic containers and you are put into cryosleep for 200 years. This is when you wake up, see your child being kidnaped and set out on a grand adventure through Massachusetts.


 Vault 111


Gameplay changes

Fallout 4 made a lot of changes from the previous game, FAllout NEw Vegas. For starters, leveling is completely different. Skills have disappeared and been replaced by a 7x10 perk screen, the seven being each of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills (strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck). The way radiation affects the player character has changed as well, with radiation now bringing down your max health instead of being a separate factor. The biggest change however is the addition of the workshop, allowing players to build anything they desire.



Bethesda spent a lot of time on their new workshop feature, and it has payed off. YOu can build what are called settlements, inhabited by you guessed it settlers. To build these settlements, you use the workshop to build building, furniture, resource structures, guard towers and much more. You can also scrap almost all the existing structures, from television sets to destroyed houses. After getting certain skills, you also unlock the ability to trade between settlements, setting up a supply line between settlements you controll. Later on you even get the ability to build small stores.



A large part of questing in Fallout 4 is to be done with an NPC character, or companions as the game calls You will meet you first companion very early on, and from there it's a hard decision of who to go with you. Each companion has certain skills that make them valuable when exploring the Commonwealth, and by advancing certain companion quests. Each companion will also like or dislike certain actions, meaning that finding the best companions can be a little tricky, but you can always use Dogmeat.



That’s right, Dogmeat is back! Paying a great little homage to the old school fallout games, Dogmeat is the loveable canine companion from the original games that you find very, very early on in Fallout 4.as opposed to having to search around for him like in recent games. This time Dogmeat is also a bigger part of the game, being used to help in certain quests in ways only a dog can, such as following scent trails. Dogmeat is also a strong companion during firefights, where he chases down enemies and tackles them to the ground,no matter how big of a size difference there is.


Fallout 4 dogmeat



FInally, Bethesda has fully accepted how big the modding community for their games is. Mods are now a quintessential part of Fallout 4, with the Bethesda website holding all player created mods. Mods are also finally able to be experienced by players on console, with players on both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 being able to install and run mods in their games. I haven't played around with mods yet as I want to get a feel for the game first, but I am excited for when I do.


That is my little mostly spoiler free review of Fallout 4. I am loving the game so far, and if you decide to give it a shot I am sure you will too. Check out my last piece on co-op gaming if you liked this one, and as always enjoy your day everyone.