The Drone Ranger 

Welcome back folks.  Today I’m back with another installment in the world of hobbies and leisure.  Recently I’ve taken particular interest with the land and environment around me, as I relocated a few weeks ago and where I live now is very close to a protected mountainous part of the country.  Of late I’ve spent hours on Google earth zooming in and around the local topography trying to make better sense of just exactly where I am and where my house fits in to the grand scheme of things.  It hasn’t been easy.  I know the surrounding area well as I’ve traversed much of the mountainous part on foot, but matching that up with what can be seen on Google earth is extremely difficult, especially as it’s not a particularly featured part of the world.


This desire to explore and understand the local topography got me thinking.  As the cost of buying a drone for personal use has reduced dramatically in recent years, it might just be time to invest in one.  Having a drone on hand will tick all the above boxes and will give me the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle I’ve been looking for.  It will also provide me high quality video footage, which I can then use to create videos with.  This will also tick a big bonus box, as it’ll give me the perfect resource to make a well-marketed promotional video of the business I’m setting up here.  Having an aerial display of the phenomenal surroundings: the mountain trails, the flora and fauna, not to mention the panoramic views across the islands and the huge waterfalls that are hidden in and amongst the jungle.  It really could not be better and would definitely be money well spent.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress as always.  Thanks for dropping by folks, until next time..