Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. Today I will be continuing a series that I first posted a couple months ago, comparing consoles. This is where I go out and buy myself a used version of two older era gaming consoles (I will again be buying all of my used consoles and games/accessories from http://www.for-sale.co.uk/ as they have the best choices and prices for used gaming equipment)and then test them against each other. I plan to get some of the same games on both consoles to see the difference in how they play, plus comparing the two consoles bigger exclusive titles. Today we are going to start with my first consoles, the Microsoft Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox

Ah, the Microsoft Xbox. This console started my love of gaming and I remember spending plenty of late nights playing Halo and Forza with friends, either with LAN or online when we finally got good internet. With the new Xbox One X being released this year allowing backwards compatibility, many people are getting rid of their original Xbox which means that you can grab one for very, very cheap off of http://www.for-sale.co.uk/original-xbox and play Halo and Halo 2 until the grunts come home. Graphics wise, the original Xbox kicked the Gamecube's butt, if you play a game available on both consoles such as Splinter Cell Chaos Theory you can notice huge graphical improvement.


Original Xbox


Nintendo Gamecube

The Nintendo Gamecube followed the Nintendo fad of having strangely shaped consoles and equally as strangely shaped controllers. There were some amazing exclusive games released for the Gamecube, including masterpieces like Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Of course these games are only available because of Nintendo’s long list of impressive series, such as Zelda and Mario. I wanted to find a gamecube that had some of the iconic games with it, and luckily I found a platinum Gamecube on http://www.for-sale.co.uk/nintendo-gamecube-platinum that including the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker and I am falling in love with the game all over again.

purple nintendo gamecube

The Winner

It is really, really hard to compare these two iconic consoles. Looking at the games available on them both, there are some amazing exclusive titles available. Xbox gamers can put them self on the boots of powerful heroes and skilled racers in Halo, Brute Force and Forza Motorsports while Gamecube users can enjoy a nice kart ride and some great party games with Mario Kart and Mario Party. On the technical side, Microsoft's Xbox sweeps the Gamecube but it doesn’t show that much when playing games, especially the exclusive one. Developers used the Gamecube as best as they could and made the graphics cartoonish enough to work with the hardware. I don’t think I actually can pick a winner this month, as both consoles are great for different gamers and they each have a plethora of great supporting games. If you enjoyed this post, then please take some time to read some of my other posts such as my last one about websites that will keep you awake all night. Speaking of which, I need to head to bed. Talk to you all again soon.

Games on the Xbox